Monday, 8 February 2010

LDC Opportunity Club

A big thank you to LDC and the excellent LDC Opportunity Club event that they hosted at the Piccadilly Le Meridien last Thursday evening.

An evening of fine wine tasting was provided by Edward Parker Wines, with Edward Parker on hand to tell us about the "Walking With The Wounded" project where he will lead a team of enthusiastic volunteers and wounded servicemen on an attempt to walk unsupported to the North Pole in April 2011 in support of "Help For Heroes".

LDC CEO Darryl Eales commented on his starring appearance in the previous Sunday Times Business section, arguing that LDC were a benefit to the tax payer (who now own a large part to Lloyds TSB) due to their continuing profitability (as opposed to the continued negativity for the sake of a story in the press). He also had a few words to say about the new Formula 1 team that they have invested in (having been at Silverstone that very afternoon).

For me, it was good to have the chance to meet up with Chris Thomas, previously a Director of Hanson plc and more recently with his LDC backed MBO of Electrium (and subsequent sale to Siemens), whom I had the pleasure to work with at Bullock Construction Limited (another LDC investment), and some of the LDC team from the Birmingham office who I know.

A fine (if a very late) evening indeed.