Thursday, 11 January 2018

Joint CIMA/CIPD Event, ‘Building brilliant business relationships’ in Stafford on 24 January

Speaker: Michelle Mills-Porter, CEO of Ensize UK and Managing Director of Ethos Development Ltd -

Michelle Mills-Porter was involved in the horrific 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. She witnessed human behaviour in the face of true adversity and she will explain what she learned about humanity and what led her to do what she does now, running a behaviour profiling and development organisation.

Michelle will explain what behaviour profiling is, how we differ from one another and the sciences behind it.

Then she will show us how this can be of benefit in a working environment. When you understand and practice behaviour profiling, you can pre-empt your client’s wants and needs, build a massive sub-conscious rapport and build relationships that are impenetrable by any competition.

It will then be your turn to take a look at yourself. With the help of powerpoint slides and descriptions, we will see how Ensize divides the behaviour’s. This will be interactive and delegates will move around the room.

Michelle will show a group analysis on screen. This is who we are and what we would look like if we were working together as one organisation. This section is anonymous and highly entertaining.

The talk will finish by showing us how we can learn to identify behaviours in others, communicate more effectively and build better business relationships.

Delegates who attend the event will be given the opportunity to have their own behaviour snapshot which will be sent to them electronically after the event along with a cheat sheet to remind them of the different behaviours and how to identify them. They will leave with the tools to build a massive rapport with potential clients, existing clients and colleagues, diffuse conflict and work more effectively together.

Our events are an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other CIMA members, students and guests. You are welcome to bring a guest, please ensure they are booked in and include their email address.

Michelle Mills-Porter FPSA is an author, speaker, fellow and regional president of the Professional Speaking Association. Michelle witnessed human behaviour in the face of true adversity. Having discovered the elements responsible for our motivation, she is able to provide clients with breakthrough discoveries to some of the most persistent organisational issues. Michelle delivers her talks in a stimulating, encouraging and thought provoking manner and her sessions are extremely enjoyable and witty.

Booking Information
Date: 24 January 2018
Time: 6.30 for 7.00pm
Location: Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford ST16 1JJ
Price: GBP 0.00

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

CIMA Event: ‘Landing your next job with ease’ - 18 January in Coventry

You have decided the time is right to take the next step in your career but are you finding it tougher than you expected? If you are ready to land your next job with ease, this event is for you.  

By the end of this event you will: - 

•Understand the importance of developing the right mind-set for success. 

•Have clarity about what you have to offer to an employer. 

•Be able to market yourself effectively so you get invited for more interviews. 

•Know how to succeed in job interviews and increase your chances of getting offered the job. 

Speaker: Duncan Brodie, Managing Director of Goals and Achievements Ltd  

Duncan Brodie specialises in helping accountants and professionals build their soft skills and achieve more career success. He is a fellow of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and a certified professional coach. Prior to setting up Goals and Achievements in March 2006 he spent 25 years in accounting and consulting roles with major organisations including PwC, Ernst & Young, Lloyds TSB and the NHS. He is a former NHS finance director. Since setting up Goals and Achievements he has trained, coached and mentored in excess of 5,000 accountants and other professionals. He has had several articles published in the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors UK professional journal ‘Internal Auditing’ as well as on the CIMA Insight E-Magazine and other publications. He has published three kindle books on Amazon, ‘How to have a successful career in accountancy’, ‘Leadership for professionals’ and ‘Being an effective team leader’. Our events are an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other CIMA members, students and guests. You are welcome to bring a guest, please ensure they are booked in and include their email address. 

Booking Information: -
Date/Time: 18th January at 18:30  
Location:  Citrus Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn), Coventry CV8 3DY   
No charge.   
Buffet served on arrival

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Happy New Year from the Chairman of CIMA West Midlands

Happy New Year to all of my friends, colleagues and contacts - 2018 marks my 35th year within industry and the 20th anniversary of my first involvement with the CIMA branch and area committees (going on the be Branch President of North West Midlands from 2003-2005 and again from 2012-2014) and Chairman of CIMA West Midlands from the beginning of 2015 (so now entering my fourth year in the role).

2018 is shaping up to be a challenging year for UK businesses, with the three CIMA branches in the West Midlands already planning some excellent events to support our members and students, along with their companies.

Following our highly successful Prestige Event in 2017, where Lord Digby Jones was our very passionate keynote speaker, 7th June 2018 will see this year's Annual Lecture at The Council House, Birmingham, given by David Smith, Economics Editor at The Sunday Times, and the Bank of England.

We are always looking for volunteers at Branch Committee level to assist us with our work, so if you're interested in helping us then please contact Julie Witts at who will be able to give you further details.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

'2018 must be a year of unity, clarity and urgency' - Carolyn Fairbairn's CBI New Year message

CBI sets out business priorities for next year 

In a year-end letter to members, Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, set out her review of the year that has been and the business priorities for 2018 to help ensure the economy thrives in all corners of the UK. 

Reflecting on 2017, Carolyn said: 

“Certainty, predictability and calmer politics were all on our Christmas wish-list for 2017, but it was not to be. The year soon turned into a rollercoaster ride, full of jaw-dropping twists and turns from the start. 

“Firms have responded with resilience but there’s no doubt that the impact of uncertainty has taken its toll. While the global economy enjoyed a boom, the UK economy shifted down a gear, with 2017 GDP growth of around 1.5% compared with 2.3% in 2016. 

“We know from members that investment was postponed and in some cases halted. Order books for manufacturers ended the year in good shape, but inflation of 3% has bitten on living standards and affected retailers and other consumer firms. 

“International investors love doing business in the UK but end the year longing for greater clarity. 

“Thankfully the year has ended with some good Brexit news. We all breathed a sigh of relief when the EU Council in mid-December confirmed that trade talks can now begin and a status quo transition has been agreed in principle. 

“While Brexit is the top political and economic issue of the day, it is only part of the picture. Many of the fundamental building blocks of our economy – skills, innovation, infrastructure – are firmly within our control.  And the transformational challenges of our age, such as AI, digital and low carbon, amplify the need for urgent action. Ensuring domestic priorities stay high on the Government’s agenda has been a key theme of our year. 

“And there has been welcome progress. The Industrial Strategy, published last month, represented ‘a decent first step, and we saw two budgets that were broadly good news for jobs and investment’.” 

Looking ahead to the opportunities and challenges in 2018, Carolyn said: 

“Even harder work lies ahead. To keep jobs and investment in the UK, binding Brexit transition terms by the end of the first quarter need to be accompanied by progress on a framework for a final deal that delivers barrier free trade with the EU. 

“From our politicians we need unity, clarity and certainty, not a different opinion every day. Politics will need to work on business timescales if we are to get the right result for the country. 

“We should be under no illusion about the scale of heavy lifting needed in 2018. The world around us is transforming. While the UK is consumed with Brexit, China is building a global infrastructure through One Belt One Road while other nations are seizing the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution. 

“The world won’t wait for Britain. We must get on, at speed and with great determination, with adapting our economy for the future. 

On skills, she said: 

“The top priority must be the urgent transformation of our skills base. The clock may be ticking on Brexit but it is ticking just at fast in our schools, colleges, universities and workplaces.” 

The UK is facing a skills emergency. Weaknesses in supporting young people into the labour market have existed for years, but the changing nature of jobs and skill needs have turned the situation critical. 

“The CBI will be campaigning for reformed careers advice in schools and to ensure every young person gets quality guidance and at least 4 interactions with working life by the age of 16, in every nation of the UK. 

“We will also champion the effective delivery of higher quality technical education, including T-Levels in England, a reformed apprenticeship levy and real progress on mass adult reskilling.” 

On innovation, Carolyn said: 

“In parallel, we need more practical action to support innovation in 2018. We will work with businesses and universities to improve the UK’s approach to commercialising the leading-edge research we deliver so successfully. 

“At the same time, action is needed to ensure companies adopt tried and tested technologies that will move the dial on productivity. You can expect a drumbeat of activity from the CBI on innovation throughout 2018.” 

On infrastructure, she said: 

“Meanwhile planned infrastructure projects must be delivered on time and efficiently throughout the year.  Making progress on the big projects is essential – Heathrow, Hinkley and High Speed Rail. We will keep up the pressure, but local delivery aligned to regional economic plans is equally important. The pipeline is there – now the taps need switching on. 

“But one thing is sure – business has a vital role to play in building a bright future for our country. The CBI and the thousands of firms we represent look forward to working in close partnership with a united government to improve lives for everyone in 2018.”