Sunday, 6 November 2011

Chartered Director – Regional Ambassador Initiative

In the summer of 2011, the Institute of Directors announced the ‘Ambassadors’ Initiative’ as a key plank in the Chartered Director strategy in raising profile and awareness with stakeholders within the IoD regions. A small number of prominent Chartered Directors from the existing network were invited to take up the role of Regional Ambassador, gaining national coverage, and invited to the first of what will become regular meetings at Head Office. The objectives of this were: -

· To discuss the activities or factors that would make a difference to recognition of Chartered Director regionally in relation to: public relations/media, spreading awareness within the branch and regional network; supporting the qualification in relation to relationships with key stakeholders or influencers.

· To obtain Ambassadors’ views of what works currently in their regions to (i) support Chartered Directors and involve them; (ii) engage Diploma holders or other groups (such as Young Directors) with a view to creating interest and broadening understanding of the qualification.

· To assess whether there is scope for an ‘influencing campaign’ to raise awareness with regional bodies or organisations that frequently recruit for board positions (including, but not exclusively, search firms).

Chartered Director is a critical element of the Institute’s mission in promoting high standards in the boardroom and is a key plank of director development and the professionalisation of boards. Aligned to this, is the need to raise the profile of the qualification.

I am the Institute’s 25th Chartered Director and can tell you that this prestigious qualification can benefit you in many ways: -

Status: -

- join a prestigious Chartered body, whose qualifications are unique to the role, responsibilities and proven experiences of directors who have reached the highest positions in their organisations. The qualification provides credibility for operating at this most senior of levels.

Recognition - be supported by a large number of major and influential organisations. In particular, institutional investors and their advisors, regulatory bodies and leadership centres in the public sector are now recommending Chartered Director as the ‘gold standard’ for board membership.

Trust - gain a foundation from which you can build further trust with internal and external stakeholders based on the knowledge gained by, and recognition given to, Chartered Directors.

Process: -

- learn through a structured Certificate programme:
· the roles and responsibilities of a director and board;
· key skills needed to enhance your role;
· the board’s accountability to its stakeholders and the governance of the organisation the board serves

Application - apply your learning through the Diploma programme in a controlled professional environment through case examples, working to address problems, coming to decisions and gaining practical experience on the workings of the board and the responsibilities of being a director in a practical setting.

Capability - demonstrate your experience through the Professional Review across a broad range of organisational and board activities. This is a rigorous test of capability and application at the highest level of achievement for professional directors.

Development: -

- continue to develop the skills you have learnt. IoD advocates, and requires, Chartered Directors to undertake CPD on a regular, annual basis, and regards ongoing professional development and learning as essential for ensuring that individuals continuously and effectively contribute to their board and their organisation.

Professionalism - be required to abide by a Code of Conduct which is the foundation of ethical and professional practice

Networking - be aligned with a network of IoD’s thousands of enterprising and established directors, that have the support of a policy and executive team that represents directors’ and organisations’ interests with regulators and government.

Best Practice - improve your personal contribution and gain confidence in all aspects of effective leadership, sustainability and sound corporate governance. You will have the skills to provide your board with guidance on good, ethical and sustainable practice.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be working with our Regional Director to look at organising specific events in the West Midlands Region for Chartered Directors and those moving through the development process towards full Chartered status. I am very interested in hearing from those of you that this relates to on what format you would like this to take.

Paul Hooper-Keeley is the IoD’s 25th Chartered Director and Managing Director of Intervallum Limited, a provider of Interim Finance Director Services ( He can be contacted at .