Monday, 7 September 2015

CIMA FOC Leadership Event in Cannock on 16th September – ‘Can I bury my grandmother in the garden: the dilemma of leadership’ - joint event with the Chamber of Commerce

Working life is full of surprises and none more so when we are asked something rather bizarre. Our experiences as managers, colleagues, advisors and leaders expose us to challenging conundrums where we are often asked to advise, take a position or solve an almost unsolvable problem.  

So what do we do as a leader when we are faced with these challenges? We often sort it all out in some way or other or we make a mess of it all. 

What is the role of a leader and, more importantly, what is their purpose? When faced with the mountain of work, the targets of success and the moans of the staff, what is the true function of leadership? How can we do it best and what makes a difference to the business?  

...and at the same time find out if Granny can be put to rest in the back garden.  

Date:           16 September 2015 - 18:30   

Location:     Roman Way Hotel, Cannock WS11 1SH 

Price:           Free 

Buffet served on arrival  

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Speaker Details: - 

Dr Philip Lloyd-Williams is the founder of Lloyd-Williams & Associates, a business he established with the clear purpose of making business more successful by developing their people. 

What differentiates Philip's approach in doing this is his personable style and his ability to make individuals think differently and deal with issues and challenges that others fear to address. He is pragmatic in his approach and understands the reality of commercial expectations. 

Having worked as a solicitor and strategic director in a number of large organisations, Philip understands the complexities and challenges of effective leadership and has managed a variety of challenging and high profile services. As a result he has a real life and pragmatic approach to the challenges of business and people in organisations.