Sunday, 18 July 2010

Intervallum Conference 2010

The Intervallum Conference for 2010 has now come to a close, but once again it has proved to be extraordinarily beneficial to the strategic direction of the business.

As always with these types of events, it is absolutely necessary to get the entire team away from their normal organisational surroundings (and phones/emails) to have some uninterrupted and quality time working "on" not "in" the business. This really does lead to the most incisive creativity of all.

And it worked well. Some very good thoughts and ideas were brought into play, particularly with regard to business development and additional services that can be offered to our clients (and clearly relevant during this prolonged economic downturn and very slow recovery).

The end result is that the whole team have been left fully enthused and totally focused about getting back into the workplace, working on the new ideas and projects formulated at the conference, and taking Intervallum (and our clients) forward.