Monday, 30 December 2013

‘The Key to Career Success’ – Free CIMA Event in Stafford on 21st January 2014

Do you ever wonder if your career is progressing in the best direction and at the right pace?

Imagine realising in the future that, although you survived, you never really thrived.

Too many people limit their career success unnecessarily because of: -

Not knowing what to do next and how to make things happen

Staying stuck because of past failure in trying to find or secure a desired role

Not clearly recognising their own capabilities and potential.

This session offers practical steps you can take to build a career that makes the most of your passion and potential.

Topics covered will include: -

The importance of purpose and personal brand

How to write a compelling CV

Succeeding in job interviews

Positioning yourself for pay rises and promotion

Building a great professional network

Tapping into the hidden job market.

Drawing upon his personal journey, along with 20 years’ experience encompassing recruitment, outplacement, career guidance, HR consulting and leadership mentoring and coaching, Peter Milligan brings his own perspective on how you can go further than you might have previously thought possible. This event will include group interaction and a question and answer session.

Date: 21 January 2014 

Location:  Mercure Hatherton House Hotel, Stafford ST19 5QP

Price: Free

Time: 6.30 for 7.00pm

Buffet served on arrival

Speaker Details

Peter Milligan, Director of New Generation Leaders, brings expertise, energy and inspiration to people in the three areas of leadership, communication and career development.

A corporate psychologist with a background in selecting and developing business leaders and teams since 1992, Peter was among the first in Australia to develop executive coaching as a service for organisational leaders. Over the past two decades, his support and challenge has enabled hundreds of people in Australia and the UK to produce changes and results that would not have otherwise happened so quickly. Peter’s coaching is characterised by passion, empathy, humour, and plain speaking.