Sunday, 13 June 2010

Book Review - "Faff" by Mike Pagan

In his book, "Faff", Mike Pagan highlights the way in which so many business people have a tendency to allow their focus to drift and "Faff About" doing the things they like or want to do, which don't necessarily add any value to their business, instead of doing the things they need to do to take their company or idea forward.
The book is full of anecdotal and humorous stories from Mike's experience, and gives lots of practical advice and tool kits to help you to focus on what activities really are important to you and need your attention if you are going to take your business, career or life forward.
As Mike himself says, you can dip in and out of this book and use the tools when required (i.e. you shouldn't be running all of the tools at the same time) and come back to some of his other templates and suggestions as and when you need to.
This is definitely a book to read now to de-clutter yourself and move onwards more efficiently - don't faff about, get your copy today.